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Land in which the energy of the sea has accumulated over time

Boryeong mud is made by sedimentation of soil and decomposed products of
various sea creatures over thousands or even tens of thousands of years.
It is a precious natural resource that contains numerous minerals and organic matters.

The power of Boryeong mud

The world already knows of it.

Having already gained recognition worldwide through the Mud Festival,
Boryeong mud contains an abundance of minerals and ingredients that are beneficial to the skin.
With such ingredients, it helps to replenish moisture in the skin and remove impurities and sebum.

290 Days

BRMUD products are created over a time of sincerity and devotion.

Collection: We invest a great deal of time to collect mud that is of good quality and beneficial to the skin.
Cleaning: We repeatedly clean and dry mud to remove salt and impurities, creating clean mud that can be used on the skin.
Sterilization: The mud is then ground and sterilized for safe use on the skin.
Testing: Only Boryeong mud powder that has passed strict testing is used to make safe products that are beneficial to the skin.


Only nature-derived mud and honest ingredients qualify to be used in BRMUD products.

BRMUD products contain only nature-derived
ingredients that are not harmful to the skin.